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Integration Mobile technology in teaching

The following slideshare was created inspired by Professor Drori talk at the World ORT Wingate seminar 2009.

I hope that this short presentation will give you a “taste” of Prof. Drori’s  inspirational  speech.

2 Responses

  1. I think that captured the essence of what Jonathan was expressing in his presentation for sure. Thanks for reminding us of it.

  2. I think the slideshow captures his talk very clearly and concisely, and I’ve got only one suggestion as to what could be added.

    In his introduction Prof Droiri made a point regarding the relationship between education and technology, I think it sets the context for the rest of the talk:

    • The role of education is to stimulate an interest that leads people to create/do new things.

    • In practical terms, our role in this process is:

    (a) marketing the idea to people (engaging/using emotions),
    (b) guiding people towards appropriate resources/ideas and then
    (c) encouraging communication (to learn from others and) to develop these ideas.

    • There is an opportunity here for technology to assist us in each of these and to enable the process to occur more effectively.

    • There is a positive feedback loop here, whereby the products of these processes act as the tools stimulating further interest.

    As ‘pioneering educators’ perhaps initiating the process for the first time regarding mobile learning, we have a responsibility to be aware of the issues that you quoted in slides 2 and 3, and to be aware of the need to make the experiences compelling as you explained in the remaining slides.

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