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Web 2.0 Diary- If life gives you lemon…make lemon meringue

Web2.0 brands and logos

Web2.0 brands and logos

 In the past year I have been exploring and experimenting with Web 2.0 through trial and error.  When I realized the great potential it holds, I began “advocating” to colleagues at work and to the teachers I work with about the uses of Web 2.0. Most of them seem to look at me (thinking silently “this woman has no life”) and then start with justifications for not trying any of the tools:

  • I have no time
  • my internet is so slow
  • not enough broadband
  • the server at school keeps collapsing
  • I don’t know how to
  • this is so confusing
  • I’m no good at that
  • Where do you find time?

 Though infrastructure and poor broadband is a common and pertinent factor for the lack of use of the internet, I still maintain that if you are able to log on to the internet and receive and send your emails regularly you should explore and utilize what Web 2.0 has to offer.

And why?  

for  YOU – your own personal and professional development

Let’s take blogging and Twitter as examples for Web 2.0 tools that can fairly easily be used by “non-IT professional.

Some of the advantages:

  • Expand the network of experts (get out of the staff room / office)
  • Access to pick the brain of unlimited number of people
  • Share and collaborate with people all over the world
  • Find like-minded that are completely strangers but yet fascinating people
  • Learn, explore and discover!

Find ONE application that you may find interesting and start exploring….

(Here is a mind map on what web 2.0 can offer for teachers Mind map Web 2.0 designed by Steve Kirkpatrick)

If life gives you lemons, skip the lemonade, add some ingredients and a bit more effort and enjoy a lemon meringue with family and friends. 

 The World is changing- the Internet is at your finger tips- make use of it!!

(while your at it – the cake it is – dont foreget to invite me – I love cakes)


5 Responses

  1. This is *great* advice. People can get overwhelmed by too much information too quickly. It’s not worth the risk of turning someone off by suggesting that they jump into 10 different, new web 2.0 tools at the same time. I would definitely suggest starting with reading blogs and setting up a feed-reader, feeling comfortable with this, and then getting into Twitter.

  2. Hi Kate
    Thanks for your comment.
    Are you on Twitter, or have a blog?

  3. I Agree with you, but sometimes is a little difficult to change the way that people think about the Internet.

  4. Hi Ariellah
    I am on twitter @joysimpson. Great blog and good to hear someone else suffers from the same problems as me. Slow broadband, people thinking I don’t have a life etc. Keep up the good work.

  5. […] When advocating to colleagues, teachers and friends the potential in using web 2.0 tools beyond the normal use of internet and emails it was not an “easy sell”. Frustrations were shared in the post if life gives you lemon – make lemon meringue […]

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