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  • October 2008
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Web 2.0 Diary journey – Facebook

Since I took upon myself to get familiar with web 2.0 tools, the journey has been uplifting and learning never-ending.


First Lesson– cyber language; I mean, how else can you describe Twittering, delicious, Mxit, or blogging if they didn’t just pop out a recipe book?

Second Lesson – Cyber socializing e.g. Myspace and Facebook. My 6 year old daughter recently indicated to us that we don’t need to worry- as although her sister doesn’t read as many books as we wished her to, she still “reads Facebook”. Yeah, what a relief.

So I have started this journey “conducting undercover work” in Facebook, finding myself in the process throwing sheep’s at family and friends, being poked by strangers, and receiving growing gifts. On the other hand there was a lot of learning taking place too, joining groups of shared interest, such as addicted to quotes and the philosophy of science. I now virtually meet and have discussions with people all over the world (byproduct learning; this world is flat!). As well as joining causes that have special place in my heart and getting connected with family and friends all over.

Third lesson – I think that my biggest learning was about this medium of socializing and its implication and repercussions. Cyber bullying, internet safety, web etiquette and the importance of privacy, things I had to establish myself and convey to my daughters. (By the way, FB has groups you can join and have open discussions regards internet and the safety of kids as they go online)

To sum up my initial lessons in this journey – starting with social network is a good way to start exploring Web 2.0 tools. And if you are in education or just a parent it can give you a glimpse into the world of the “digital native”.


One Response

  1. I wanted to share my blog with you, I liked this Web 2.0 blog a lot.

    Nice to meet you, also let’s Tweet!


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