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  • October 2008
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From the desk of a digital immigrant diary

When working with teachers in rural areas, township schools or private schools we often reflect on best practices in teaching and how do we get it across the schools. As well as best Math system, the role of resources in Science, Technology and Mathematics, integration of the subject of Technology ensuring it aligned to the SA curriculum, all these issues and others arise when evaluating our projects. Reading Mark Prensky article about the students of today and how fundamentally they are different from the students of the past raise serious questions in our knowledge about “how kids learn”.

 Mark Prency in his article “Digital Natives, Digital immigrants” has defined today’s students – K through college – as “Digital Natives” – who were born and grown with digital technologies Todays average college grads have spent less than 5,000 hours of their lives reading, but over 10,000 hours playing video games (not to mention 20,000 hours watching TV). Computer games, email, the Internet, cell phones and instant messaging are integral parts of their lives” this leads to students who THINK AND PROCESS INFORMATION DIFFERENTLY!
This leaves the rest of us as the “Digital Immigrant”, those who were not born into the digital world and have adopted many of the new technologies on a later stage.

I recommend you read the article (click the links above) as this article calls on educators to shift old methods and find ways to communicate in the language and style of their students.

In my blog I am hoping to share my experiences and learning as we work with teachers to find “new ways to do the old staff”.

As English is my second language, I am used to carry an accent,  I sure do expect that while I try and adopt the new “digitally” language I will bear an accent as well, but for that I have my daughters or my “digital natives” to help me out. (I just hope they will have the patience for me…)   


3 Responses

  1. Hi Ariela!!

    So glad to see that you have finally taken the plunge! Blogging can be a very rewarding way of reflecting on your learning journey. I will be popping in to check on your progress often, I promise.

    I am busy doing a learning object on blogging which has switched on the light for me somehow. As you know I have been on a blogging crusade last year and was quite disappointed about why teachers could not “stick it out” with the “blogging thing”. The one thing I have realised now (which just go to show that the creation process leads to enlightenment!) is that we have to have a clear vision and purpose for our blogs if we want to get into it for learning and teaching.

    So I wish you luck on this new learning journey and hope that you will find it just as rewarding as I have!

  2. Very good point about “how kids learn”. There is always something new to explore in this areas of research.

    Prensky has written some valuable and challenging material. Through Twitter and following A List edubloggers you will get many perspectives on this rapidly evolving topic.

    All the best. Elaine

  3. […] A diary to share my journey was the first step taken as a fresh virtual explorer “diary from the desk of a digital immigrant”. […]

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